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Scheduling Mammograms Online Via QR Codes


Scheduling a mammogram is now easier for women in Athens, Georgia, where a regional hospital is now using QR codes to enable women to schedule online.

Athens Regional Medical Center placed a QR code with its print advertising.  When someone takes a photo of the code with her smartphone, she will be taken directly to the ARMC Web site.  The ARMC Web site has more information on breast cancer and how to prevent it, and a facility to schedule mammograms online.

The hospital’s marketing manager, Courtney Alford-Pomeroy says so far the QR code has been a success, with a 15 per cent  increase in online mammogram scheduling being recorded from the time the campaign started.  Also, if people scanned the code to get to the online scheduling site, they are more likely to schedule a mammogram than women who came to the site through another way.

Alford-Pomeroy shares that they expect the trend to continue increasing as more and more women use smartphones and learn more about the QR code.

This is not the only QR code that the hospital is using.  They use different QR codes for different ads.  Plus they are looking into using QR codes in their next campaigns.

What’s more the QR codes that they use help them keep track of where the person saw their codes, and where they scanned it.  This enables the hospital to fine tune their advertising and marketing efforts.

QR codes are indeed a convenient way of letting people access services for their health care.  In addition, QR codes let you direct people to your site, video, or anything else from where they are  looking.  So for example, if your target demographics are largely newspaper readers, QR codes on newspaper ads can help you get them on your Web site.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel, you just customize it to make it easier for you!

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