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Scanbuy and Triad Retail Media Team Up for QR Code-Based Mobile Strategy


Millions of consumers now own and use mobile devices and are embracing a wide array of mobile activities. This, along with the fact that mobile code scanning has greatly increased in 2011, has prompted retailers to turn to quick response codes in order to enhance customer experience. Through QR codes, more and more retailers are able to engage consumers and convert them to better informed buyers.

Given these, mobile barcode systems developer Scanbuy Inc. and digital retail marketing programs company Triad Retail Media entered into a deal providing Triad’s retail clients with ScanLife mobile barcodes.

ScanLife was developed by ScanBuy and is a suite of mobile barcode products consisting of an interoperable barcode management platform, developer tools used to build customized solutions, and a universal barcode reader application.

Triad acknowledges that smartphones are now a valuable resource when it comes to on-the-spot information about products, which, in turn, influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. Needless to say, Triad has seen the need for brands to adopt a mobile strategy that incorporates QR codes and other innovative tools.

Triad’s team-up with ScanBuy enables them to provide their clients with a proven QR code platform in order to deliver a more intelligent and dynamic shopping experience. This will help the company capture customer attention and increase brand loyalty.

Through the ScanLife solution, Triad will be able to add depth to the marketing strategies of their retail clients and help them influence and engage consumers using any digital media content. ScanLife’s code management platform will further enable Triad clients to create and manage high-impact QR code campaigns that drive revenue.

What’s more, this code management platform will enable Triad’s clients to get detailed insights into consumer behavior. How? They will be able to track consumer scanning activity and scanning location, as well as other valuable analytics.

The solution also offers a “Scan and Send” tool that enables retailers to engage their consumers with non-app-enabled mobile devices. This means that their QR codes are accessible to the millions of people owning simple camera phones. Through the Scan and Send feature, non-smartphone users can access content by simply snapping a photo of a standard QR code and sending it to ScanLife’s system via MMS (send to 43588) or e-mail (send to scan@scanlife.com).

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