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As we all know, Google QR Code stickers project was a blast. It really got retailers printing out a storm and with the increased number of QR Codes being displayed in retail outlets, restaurants, spas, gyms, hotels, etc, more people are being exposed to QR Code system.

Φ² Project is something devised by the good people behind the Stockholm University. They’re basically exploring ways to make check-in easier for people by utilizing both Foursquares and also QR Codes. It would surely be a welcome tool for hotels, gyms and maybe even restaurants.

Let’s say that you have booked a table for two in your favorite restaurant. When you arrive at the restaurant, there is long queue outside and also another line for people waiting to be seated because the captain of the restaurant is occupied with something else. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can load up a Foursquare application, use it to scan a QR Code located at a prominent place on the counter, and find your table without needing to wait for the captain?

Like an uncomplicated touch-and-go system.

Basically, it mirrors effort to allow passengers to board a flight with their mobile phone; or checking into your hotel at a foreign destination whereby there is a communication breakdown between you and the receptionist. Hey, it happens all the time, don’t be so surprised.

Foursquare is also an increasingly used tool for people who can’t find places. Let’s say that there is a QR Code on a spa’s website. You are not very familiar with the place and might need some help finding it so you scan the QR Code, load it up on Foursquare and then head out. With the help of a map on your mobile phone, we are sure that finding the place is far less complicated.

So, what is the difference between Google’s QR Code campaign compared to this one? Well, the one simple problem that I see here is that at the point of writing this entry, it’s exclusive to users of Foursquare and Android phone users. Having to download a specific app for something like this might turn some people off, we’re sure, but as more people begin to change their phones to smart phones and android and if Foursquare got really huge, yes, then it might work.

Who knows? Maybe they will open it up for use by owners of other phones as well. In this world today, with so many different application programmers and developers out there, someone’s bound to come up with something more universal.

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