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Scan-To-Gram – Instant Find And Follow System For Instagram


It is a well known fact by now that Instagram now belongs to Facebook. While it continues to be fuzzy on the integration part and how Instagram continues to look and feel ‘separate’ from the main function of Facebook, we do feel that the two apps are slowly coming together.

Facebook, for many of us, serves as a platform whereby we converge and share our lives online. Instagram works in pretty much the same fashion except that we share our lives through pictures. Therefore, suffice to say, I think it is a good idea to combine them both although Instagram was dominated by Apple operating system for the longest time, we are just happy that it is now available for the rest of the world, albeit, the non-Apple people of the world.

Riding on the new Instagram wave comes a new app called Scan-To-Gram. When it was launched and was reported by TechCrunch, nobody really thought anything about it but news came in that people really like the app! It makes finding and following people on Instagram easier. When a mobile phone user scan the QR Code, they are taken to an web page that allows them to find and follow others on Instagram, edit and change their profiles.

For example, if you are a cat lover, the app makes it much easier for you to find like-minded individuals who shared the same interest and you can instantly share stuff or like their stuff on the app too. And if you are a company selling cat food, do you know what that means for you? Yes, instant access to a flood of data and personal insights about cat lovers and how you can change your business to suit them.

Welcome to a whole new business marketing platform, my fellow tech lovers. Things are always getting more interesting in the cyber world and it seems that people do not stop coming up with new ideas, interesting ways to connect with each other on our devices despite the slow economy. In fact, the mellow state of the world economy is merely making these people all charged up with new ideas to market their businesses.

It was reported that ScanToGram has been downloaded more than twelve million times on iTunes App Store. Do check out the page here and take a moment to scan one of the codes and see what they lead to.

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