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Scan a QR Code and Learn a New Language!

We have all wished, at one point or another, that we could learn a new language. But we all know this is not something that’s easy to do. Many of us just don’t have the time to scout for schools and squeeze classes into our busy schedules. Fortunately, though, there are many language schools that now offer online courses. Slovakian startup Lingibli is one of these groups that are picking up the online language school trend. However, Lingibli is doing it in a different way. The Slovakian startup is incorporating quick response codes for its new service. This new service aims to teach interested learners the fundamentals of a particular language using only 100 words (from this language). So just by scanning QR codes using a smartphone, one will be able to take advantage of an immersive type of lesson in any language he or she wishes to learn. Linguists have long considered immersion as the most important part and the most effective way of learning a new dialect or language. So, with the use of Lingibli’s new mobile application, a smartphone user can utilize quick response codes that are associated with certain words from a certain language. Specifically, scanning a code will take a user to an audio file stored in the mobile app that allows him or her to hear a word’s proper pronunciation from a native speaker. This only proves that QR codes can be used as an effective educational tool. We have previously written about how educators can use these two-dimensional matrix bar codes to engage their students and to enhance their learning experience. http://beqrious.com/show/getting-ahead-in-education-qr-codes While Lingibli is not exactly a full-fledged language course, it gives people a foundation upon which they could learn and master a new foreign language. The company’s use of QR codes in its mobile app is its way of helping users build new language skills that could be really useful to them in the future.

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