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Scan A Mag Before Hopping On Rail System


If you were in Copenhagen today and walked into a railway station, here’s what you might bump into….a QR Code newsstand. No, it’s not the kind of newsstand that offers you a whole bunch of magazines to read or one that sells you newspaper but it is more interesting than that. At the Copenhagen S-Train system, there are already posters being placed up where mobile phone users can use their camera phones to scan the QR Code. When scanned, the QR code takes them to a huge variety of online entertainment content from Politiken newspaper, videos, images, download content and discount vouchers too.

What happens if you don’t already have a QR Code reader on your phone? All the cell phone user has to do is to SMS ‘scan’ and then send the message to 2220 (only in Denmark) and henceforth download the software directly into their mobile phones. What exactly is the QR Code? The QR Code is a curious looking square that can be printed on literally anything in the physical world – t-shirts, mugs, printouts, leaflets, books and it can even be tattooed onto your skin. When a mobile phone user opens up a software and ‘scans’ (snapping a picture of the code with the phone’s camera), the QR Code is then decoded. The code can contain links or text; links to online content and text like messages you would like to encode.

The locals have been said to be very receptive towards the idea but that is not at all surprising. Advertisers are also quickly jumping onto it very enthusiastically. For one, you can scan to get sports results, access to YouTube videos, watch videos from Discovery Channel or download a Pepsi voucher while riding on the train.

For the advertisers and the rail system will get access to instant information regarding the which content was most accessed. With the said collected data, future marketing plans can be molded and changed to become more effective. This is, indeed, a very clever marketing ploy to use QR Code technology to bridge the physical world that we live in and the online one that we are obsessive about.

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