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Save A Penny With JCPenny


If you live in the U.S. or in Puerto Rico, you may have heard of the name JCPenny and associate it with affordable apparel and home furnishing. In fact, it was shown that JCPenny have a very strong online presence with substantial site visits and followers of their announcements through their website and online catalogue on www.jcp.com. The website is smart and stylish…and of course, easy to navigate. The company holds in place a strategy they call the ‘Long Range Plan’ which is meant to innovate, excite and integrate different types of marketing and promotional methods to bring in the maximum results.

Their focus is also on staying in touch with its consumers while widening their market share. They also invest in top talents in the technology field.

In comes QR Codes. In the documents that we perused, JCPenny seems to be on the right track by incorporating QR Code technology into their marketing game plan. It seems to us that whatever works for the consumers, they’re on it. Knowing that the advance of QR Code and mobile technology is inevitable, they’re quick to launch into action.

They recently launched a QR Code-based mobile coupon system that allows their customers to download a QR Code into their cell phones. With the coupon, they can obtain a discount when the QR Code is scanned during checked out at the register. The spread of this couponing system is not yet known but according to sources, their focus is on the Houston market.

Says a marketing rep from the company, incorporating the QR Code system into the campaign is a just another way to innovate and enhance their customers’ shopping experiences. We say it’s more than just that.

JCPenny have long maintained their rewards program on the internet, cell phone advertisements, mail and email. The coupons that they receive and download to the cell phones are just as good as having received a paper-base coupon that they receive in their mailbox. The coupons are made available every week and is exclusive only to members of their rewards program.

This encourages cell phone savvy people to join in their rewards program and in the end, enhances their image while strengthening their brand.

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One Response to Save A Penny With JCPenny

  1. jannelle molina June 7, 2012, 10:55 pm

    i used to get discount notifications through my email from jc penney but have not received any in quite a while. could you tell me why?

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