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Salesforce.com Taps Mobile Apps


Salesforce.com is the leading customer relationship management software today.  It is cloud-based and very much dependent of high technology for its business.  Is it any wonder that the company is investing more on technology to expand its offerings?

Salesforce.com has announced that they will be using HTML5 mobile apps as part of their new features.  The company reported that they will soon use mobile apps, along with Data.com a new social customer contact service and some new features for their Chatter service.

Basically, the mobile apps will take Salesforce.com’s existing services and features into tablets and smartphones, making it easier for their users to access their sales and marketing database anytime, anywhere.  You really do not have to be in the office to close that important deal.  Nor do you need to go through a lot of steps while using your smartphone’s browser just to access your Salesforce.com data.  But do not go looking for these apps yet as the first of these mobile apps are expected to be launched next year.

Mobile apps being an extension of the desktop or laptop experience is a good way to ensure that you are visited frequently by your customers and users.  They do not have to wait until they get home or until they get access to their PCs to visit your site or use your service.

Salesforce.com is generally following the footsteps of other established online sites such as Paypal and a bevy of social networking sites.  Paypal also has a mobile app that allows people to do pay, send money and receive money on their smartphones and tablets, pretty much the same way their customers are able to do so with a desktop computer.

Facebook has an official app that allows its users to take their social networking everywhere.  So does Twitter.  Users of both social networks can update their statuses  wherever they are and whenever they want.

Don’t you think it’s time for your own business to offer an app?

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