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Safety Applications for QR Codes


A recent feature on Canada’s TechSpray detailed how the company included QR codes for its chemical product packaging. These QR codes give out information on the chemicals such as the technical data sheet and the Material Safety Data Sheet. Basically, the QR codes help users know more about how to handle the chemicals and protect themselves from harm. It also gives them information about the chemical properties and HMIS and NFPA ratings.

This is a great application for QR codes and it got us thinking of how QR codes could be used for product packaging to make the product safer for consumers. Here are some ideas we would like to see:

1. QR codes on medications.

Usually, drugs and pharmaceuticals may have side effects and contraindications. These are usually included in the product packaging as separate pieces of paper. Most people, however, tend to throw these away and just keep the bottle. Medicine bottles, because of space limitations, usually just warn you that there are side effects and contraindications, but does not list them down. These bottles often refer you to the paper that you just threw away.

QR codes on medicine bottles would be perfect, so that people who want to know if they could take that medicine or not would be able to scan these and know for sure.

2. QR codes against smoking.

Cigarette packs now have a warning about the ill effects of smoking on the body. The surgeon’s general warning usually includes two – three lines of text and that is it. Needless to say, it does not really do a good job of discouraging people from smoking.

How about a QR code that takes people to videos and sites that give out anti-smoking information and how to quit. There is nothing stronger than a picture or a video of diseased lungs and people with smoking-related illnesses. In addition, for people who want to quit, they would benefit from more information on alternatives such as nicotine gums and patches and other methods of quitting.

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