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Ruben Ubeira Brings Artwork To Life With QR Codes


‘I love art. The medium does not matter. I paint what I see, what surrounds me, the everyday and mundane captured in time’, so says Ruben Ubeira who is a well-known and much-loved street artists in Florida. Ubeira, born in Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic in 1975, is a neo figurative artist who draws, paints and creates his works of art based on inspiration he derives from his surroundings, stories and situations that touches his life. In fact, Ubeira is known to be incredibly talented whether he is expressing himself in the form of still life, portraits or landscapes. If there is one thing he is absolutely sure about his line of work, art is life and life is art.

Well, Ubeira recently caught up with technology too because he showcased a brand new piece which features large QR Codes on the artwork. He was participating in the Young at Art Museum in Davie where he spent some time training and educating children at a workshop and on top of showing off some rather impressive permanent art pieces from renowned galleries, Ubeira also gave the QR Coded mural some attention too.

Having lived the life of an immigrant himself, he definitely understands the kind of life and hardship that immigrants have to go through when the immigrants are adjusting to life in a new country. The artwork in Wynwood Florida featured eight immigrants and on the faces of these immigrants contains a QR Code. Each of the personalities depicted in the art had a story to tell, you see, and when the QR Code is scanned by a smartphone user, it will pull out an audio file. The audio file is a narration of what went on for these people and how they were able to finally overcome the hard life that they had to battle during their early days.

Ubeira loves connecting with children during his workshops because it opens up a brand new world to the kids who enjoy art. What makes Ubeira different from other artists is that there is so much humanity in what he does and his artwork gives off that same humanitarian feel at the corners of the city which would have otherwise looked like just any other concrete jungle anywhere in the world.

It is completely his style to try to give each of the personalities he depicted in the new piece of art a ‘voice’ in the form of the audio narration. It lets the viewer connect with the visual art on a deeper level and overall, it will leave a more lasting impression in the end.

The artist have also encouraged the spreading of the messages on Twitter using the hashtag #IAmHere as a form of inspiration and motivation for people who have gone through or are going through similar situations.

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