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Remember Your Loved Ones And Share With QR Code…On Tombstones


When people found out that the Japanese plastered QR codes on everything including tombstones, I guess a lot of them stood there flabbergasted. Dumbstruck at the amazingly stupendous idea of engraving a QR Code on a tombstone. Many people could not see the relevance. But now, it has come to Shoreline’s Holyrood Cemetery.

One would wonder the reason behind placing a QR Code on anyone’s tombstone but here’s what they did with the QR Code. Family members and friends of the deceased would go ahead to create an online video of the life of the man. Some pictures, nice music, and perhaps a few clips taken while on holiday with the wife and kids would make a nice music video for him.

When others came around to visit the grave, they can video and reminisce about the life of a man whose body was laid to rest there.

I would have to concur that the idea is an amazing one! What an incredible way to remember a loved one and what an opportunity it is to share the videos with others who once shared laughter and fun with the deceased.

For those who are still unfamiliar with what QR Code technology can do, here’s an explanation in the nutshell. QR Code technology is far more powerful than the current 2D barcode system that we are using right now. Not only do we now not need a specific (and expensive, I might add) scanner to read the code, with smart phones like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other types of smart phones and a QR Code reader (which is downloadable from the internet free of charge), anyone can create and scan a code. So, if you own a smart phone with QR Code reading capabilities and a QR Code pops out, try it!

Only last month, the cemetery decided to offer QR Code printing for tombstones at the yard. So far, it was reported that they sold three dozen headstones with QR Code on them. Just imagine, before this, people visit a graveyard and had to rely on their memories and also what is written on the tombstone to remember someone that they have lost.

Now, you can watch it. Isn’t technology amazing?

Visiting the dead is all about history, the past and something that we can never change. QR Code technology is everything else in the opposite direction. Combining these two seems so magical, almost heaven-sent answer to people who are alive today.  


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