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Recommended Android Apps for This Week


Mobile apps make your smartphone work harder. If you cannot find a feature or functionality on your smartphone, you can search for an app that does what you want and that’s about it.

No matter how good your operating system is, you will never be on top of the smartphone game without a good set of apps. This is the reason why BlackBerry allowed its users to download one premium app per day. The promotion runs until December 25.

Blackberry hopes that it will be able to keep its users and attract new ones by making the paid apps free for download. However, these premium apps are mostly Android apps that were ported over to Blackberry.

So why wait for your favorite app to show up for Blackberry when you can very well get this today? Some Android apps that you might want to download are listed below:


If you love shopping at Amazon.com, then you would love this app. The refurbished app now allows you to pay for your purchases using points, link your bank accounts, and redeem your gift cards. You can easily buy anything that they offer. Plus, you can compare prices just by scanning the product’s barcode or taking a photo of the merchandise. The app will then check prices and availability so that you could save!

Wi-Fi Finder

If you are paying too much for data, then you should be on the lookout for free Wi-Fi hotspots that you can connect to as often as possible. This mobile app would scan for hotspots all around you and lets you search for public Wi-Fi hotspots that you can use. It even works when you are offline!


The 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals will be on in the next few days and, of course, fans will be looking for ways to be updated on whether their favorite teams are winning or not. Now, they can with FIFA’s official app, available on Android.

The official app will give users the latest news, statistics, photos, videos and standings.

What’s more, if you have the app, you can stream the Final Draw game come December 6.

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