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Reasons To Customize Your QR Codes


Some might question the reason why we would want to customize their QR Codes because they do not see the reason why we should waste time, money and resources. This, to newbies, is a very common thing. It is a QR Code, it is supposed to be this way, or they might even think that customizing their own QR Code is going to render the QR Code ineffective. I don’t blame them for thinking so but here are some points one may want to consider when launching a QR Code campaign.

Everyone is going to look the same
As it is, QR Code isn’t the most attractive looking marketing gimmick there is in the world today. It is square and made out of black and white pixel-like stuff….not in the very least interesting. But we have already come to terms with that fact. The reason why marketing and advertising folks are looking into customizing their own QR Code is because they want to set themselves apart from all the other black and white QR Codes.

As the world come to terms with the technology, make no mistake about it, there are going to be even more QR Codes in the market. Not only will customizing your own QR Code set yours apart from all the other QR Codes, it is going to change the way your customers or your future clientele think about your brand/product/company/service. You are indeed different from the rest.

First impression counts for 80% of what they remember about you
If someone who made an effort walked past you in the mall, chances are, you are going to remember him or her the next time you see that person, correct me if I am wrong? Even if you are unable to recall when, where or what happened during the first encounter, the most important thing is that you have got that person thinking just a little bit more about you.

This is how branding works and I think no matter how small a corporation and company is, be it a one-man-show or a large international brand name, should put an effort into. You want an everlasting image that will work in your favor the very next time you want that person to make a choice between you and your competitor.

Customizing your own QR Code gives you that edge over everyone else….or least when you are pitched against your competitor.

And I can’t end the article without saying this – customizing your QR Code looks all that much better. Sometimes, THAT is all the reason that you

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