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That’s what the world will become, one fine day, when the USA is more prepared for the advent of wide QR Code usage. The concept of being able to attach everything that we see today, right there under our noses, and being able to have access to information that we would have otherwise have to wait till we reach a personal computer or a laptop….is simply too exciting to ignore. I remember a trip down to Japan right about two years ago and I was completely astounded with the high rate of usage for QR Codes there.

In the supermarkets, you can scan the QR Codes on bananas and have information shot right back at you on your mobile phone! The concept of bridging the real and online world with a simple code is simply astonishing.

For kids of the future, education is literally, a phone away. Why? Well, if they see a monument and wonders why, how, when and who, all they have to do is to scan the object and find unlimited information on a mobile web page. The objects in the physical realm, your everyday objects, will have an identity in the online realm as well and we, as individuals, need to adopt a new way of thinking. The way the game is played….it has changed. Many people in the digital divide think that the QR Code wave is going to sweep people into another wave which may one day, lead to GPS-linked visual search solution.

OK, you may be a little lost there but don’t worry, so was I. Anyway, let’s just say that one day, your mobile phone may recognize not just QR Codes but physical objects as well…for instance, your coffee cup or your kids’ toys. An example would be if you could scan your cat with your mobile phone and then be led to a web page concerning that particular breed of cats and all the information that you can imagine in the web page. It would be amazing if we could scan a book or the 2D barcodes at the back of the book and be led to an online bookstore’s web page and order it right there and then.

Better yet, why not lead us to a page containing a list of bookstores, in the physical world, that are selling the book, how much they’re selling it for, the condition of the book and reviews about it too!

The reality and possibility of this happening is very high if the QR Code fad is to be taken seriously. Once this happens, not only will our lives be much easier, our online and offline selves will merge into one…which is you.

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