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What is really amazing about QR Codes is that it is also a very impressive and powerful open source code – which means that you can have your own QR Code PHP that you can create and use. For people who deal very frequently with QR Codes, there will be absolutely no problems whatsoever in coming up with their own codes and using it but the issue of finding and creating a reader that can be used to decode the result would be a little bit of a problem. However, we have met some real talents who can come up with their own QR code using PHP programing. This would take an expert, so, beginners, you might want to stay out of this one.

For beginners and those who are interested in creating and using QR Codes for personal or business reasons, you will benefit from the program that beQRious has already worked out for you in our QR Code creation page. In that page, you can insert text, links, images and logos into the QR Code that you want to create and then hit the button…you are well on your way.

QR Code basics. For the benefit of those who have never heard of QR Codes before, here’s what it is – QR stands for quick response and it is not very different from the regular barcodes that we are using in the retail business segment today except that while the conventional barcode can contain very little information, the QR code can literally carry with it, links, text, and it is touted to be the bridge between our online world and the physical world. The QR Code is read at high speed, high capacity and high density. On top of that, if programmed properly with QR Code PHP, it can contain self correcting error features and structured append.

What is QR Code PHP then? Since the code is open source, people who have skills in programming and working with scripts can alter to create QR Codes. They usually offer it as a free form of service, out of the goodness of their hearts. The good news is that you do not have to know QR Code PHP in order to generate your own QR Code these days – just head over to our website QR Code generation page and simply enter and click away.

With the QR code you can either print it out, save it and display it in your website or blog, or show it off to your friends on a printed t-shirt. Trust us, people WILL get curious when they see you wearing a code. Our bet is on them pulling out their blackberry phones and aiming it at your shirt.

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