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Quickie Incorporates First Mobile-Enabled Seal of Approval into Packaging


Quickie Manufacturing Corporation, the nation’s leading cleaning tools manufacturer, is giving shoppers instant access to ratings and reviews by incorporating the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval and QR code on their latest product’s packaging.

TwitterMoms http://www.twittermoms.com – an online community of more than 30,000 influential moms – developed the first 2.0 Seal of Approval, which incorporates ratings and reviews from moms to give real life product test results.

It’s also the first seal to integrate a QR code, which gives shoppers with smartphones the detailed ratings and feedback from the TwitterMoms review process. Shoppers can see stats such as “9 out of 10 TwitterMoms would recommend the Microfiber Twist Mop to friends.” The complete results are available at http://quickie.twittermoms.com.

“We were really impressed with the TwitterMoms organization from beginning to end,” said Augie DeLuca, CMO of Quickie Manufacturing. “This product review enabled us to get into our consumers’ heads and their homes quickly. The evaluators put a lot of careful thought into their feedback, which we incorporated to make an even better product. The process allowed us to connect directly with our consumers, which became an invaluable experience for us.”

The Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop hits stores in October. Both the packaging and in-store displays will feature the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval and QR code.


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