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QR What? If you are one of those who are asking the aforementioned question, you are going to be so amazed with what a simple black and white box can do these days. QR Code technology is a barcoding system similar to what we have now (the ones on packaging and the ones scanned upon checkout) except that it is so much more powerful because now ANYONE with a smartphone and a QR Code reader can scan it. The code (at the point of this article) can be used as…well, just about anything, for example, a business card, a link to your Facebook page or website, or even as a coupon or a flight ticket. 

Recently, an award-winning Seoul-based advertising company won the Grand Prix prize at Cannes Lions this year for creating the most interactive and most creative and imaginative use of technology that enhances shoppers’ shopping experience. Said a representative, they want to create an exciting media that combines the oldest and newest available technology…hence, outdoor advertising meets digital technology. The campaign was said to be perfect for digital-crazed youngsters who are working longer hours in their offices and also spending more time and relying more on their smartphones to get things done. 

In India, it was reported that the early adopters of QR Code marketing were those who, surprisingly, came from the food and hospitality industry. I am surprised because I would have expected people from the likes of WWW and mobile phones companies to be the first few to take a leap at the opportunities. That is why the world is surprising this way. But thankfully, Blackberry is not very far behind. They were the first of the big brands to capitalize on the new-ness of the technology because they recently launched a campaign to promote BBM, a Blackberry instant messaging system which made adding people onto BBM via a QR Code possible. It simply makes Blackberry way cooler than other smartphone manufacturers….for now. 

And in the meantime, onto another news. My radar caught wind of ANOTHER news and this time, it has got to do with your pets….and finding them. The company is promoting something called Dynotag. Actually, you don’t need Dynotag to come up with stickers or labels to place on your dog, your luggage, your clothing or any other item that you don’t want to lose when you are traveling or leaving behind. All you need is to head over to our free QR Code generator, create a code with your personal information (include your website, link or even your twitter or facebook links) into them and then you print them out, either yourself, or through websites like www.zazzle.com or www.cafepress.com

This way, when your dog or luggage is lost, finders will have no problems getting in touch with you. Simple enough. Have a pleasant Thursday, everyone!


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