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QR Cow In A Parade


Just when you think you can’t put QR Codes on anything else that’s news to us, up pops something. Surprisingly, this escaped our radar for a while but now that we know about it, it is just simply astonishing.

We now have a completely QR coded cow. Yes, cow.

Every opportunity creative people got, they made use of technology and QR Code. It seems pretty uncanny that creative people saw so much potential in the boring looking QR Code. Brazilian artists, namely Daniel Siarkovski and Rafel Grostein thought it would make great headlines if they put QR Codes on something for the 2010 Sao Paulo Annual Cow Parade.

The Sao Paulo Annual Cow Parade is a big thing in Brazil. This year, 2010, we will see an endless parade of cow-related stuff being trooping from January 22nd onwards for two entire months. Well, this is what we can gather from the foreign-language website here www.cowparade.com.br/blog/

Honestly, when we saw the initial picture of the in-the-works cow, it couldn’t amount to much because it would really take a lot of work to QR Code the entire cow. And besides, initial pictures showed that it was a mish-mash of black and white…nothing to shout about.

Things took a change when we see the completed cow, of course. And when we went on twitter and followed the progress of the cow parade, they did an amazing job. For those who are interested in finding out more information about the cow parade is, log onto Twitter and follow http://www.twitter.com/cowparadebrasil.

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