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QR Codes You Can Eat


We can no longer count with our fingers the things people do that incorporate QR codes in them. However, with the great flexibility of these two-dimensional matrix barcodes, more ideas are still coming.

Take for example German biscuit company QKies, which came up with bake-it-yourself cookies that you can decorate with quick response codes. The QR codes are already printed on edible paper – specifically rice paper – and are enclosed and included inside the box together with the cookie mix.

Because the QR codes are ready-made, you can have control over the web content these codes resolve to. The QR codes on the cookies will take scanners to an online content of your choice, may it be a YouTube video, a Flickr photo, or a personalized web page with a personalized message.

In other words, it’s a more technologically updated version of those fortune cookies we so love. Or an edible version (thus a much better one) of a greeting card. All you have to do is take out the mix, bake, decorate the cookies, put them in a gift basket, and give away to your favorite people.

You can simply take a look at the instructions on how you can personalize your virtual message.

And oh, at the risk of sounding like a paid endorser for QKies (which we aren’t), the Qkies bake-it- yourself cookies can be ordered online for EUR 6.90 per box. One box can make 20 QKies.

Thanks to this QR code cookie idea, you can finally find out how these pixilated codes taste like. And with QKies showing us the wonders of edible ink on rice cakes, we surely hope to hear more edible QR code stories in the future.

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