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QR Codes with That Alcohol? Youbetcha!

BeQRious has been writing about QR codes on wine bottles.

R. Stuart & Co. used QR codes for its Big Fire 2010 vintage wine range where users could share their Big Fire moments for a chance to win prizes.

Then there’s the Summer of Discovery Weekend Gateaways, which was promoted via QR codes.

There’s also the Canadian winery Chateau des Charmes putting up QR codes on its labels to help educate diners about the bottle of wine they’re ordering at a restaurant.

And the latest has been BCNTouch’s use of QR codes and NFC in a treasure hunt at the Mobile World Congress where it gave away Bodegas Torres wines as prizes.

What is it with QR codes and alcohol? It obviously works. But why?

1. The QR codes are placed in a very visible and accessible place. The QR codes on alcohol are placed mostly on the bottle label. This means that as people drink from it, they can see it and scan it. It could be that some people notice the QR code while enjoying the bottle of wine or beer.

But labels are not all there is to it. For example, it’s Community Pubs Month in April in the United Kingdom, so pubs are placing a QR code on their beer mats. Scanning the QR code, you are taken to an online pub quiz where you could win prizes.

Itchen Valley Brewery put up a QR code on a beer clip to help promote its social networking sites.

2. It gives out great information. This is particularly true for wines. QR codes that give out tips on what kinds of wine to buy is a great idea because there are some seriously priced wines out there. Are you going to waste money on a bottle of wine whose origins you don’t even know about? Will you be ordering red wine because you are having red meat for dinner, or is it the other way around?

3. It’s a great icebreaker. Alcohol is definitely a regular fixture in most people’s social lives. They could enjoy it at home, but it’s best enjoyed with a date or with a group of friends. QR codes can sometimes provide a great icebreaker if you run out of topics on a date, or it could help you while away the time while waiting for everybody to arrive.

Why do you think beer- and wine-related QR codes are such a big hit? By the way, you can get a customized QR code such as the one you see in the graphic above, just visit Custom QR Codes

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