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QR Codes Will Not Kill The Print Industry, It Will Revive It


Many, surprisingly, think that QR Codes will lead to an eventual death for the print industry. Now that everything can be accessed on the internet…and NOW the mobile phone with the wild-spreading popularity of QR Code, print industry must be dying….if not, then they must be crying by now. But in all honesty, QR Codes will not only help the print industry, it will indeed revive the popularity of the print industry.

How do?

The link between the internet and the real world

The QR Code is often said to be the bridge that people use to cross the boundaries of the cyber world and the real world and they would be right in saying that. In view of the fact that many are now accessing their online persona, website, online social network pages, accessing music, downloading wallpapers onto their mobile phones with QR Codes, why would we say that it will lend a hand to the print industry?

The increased interactivity that leads to action

Interactivity can be integrated into printed materials to encourage communication via multiple channels and it becomes one big glorified and effective marketing tool that almost all advertisers can use. This will only serve to enhance print media and not bring it down – it’ll make print media more interactive and cohesive.

The only problem is that there is lack of understanding, education and knowledge about executing it effectively. It’s elusive, some would say, but with the right media company, QR Code marketing campaign can be an elegant and precise way to transport cell phone users from an offline world into the online one.

The ultimate marriage

I, for one, strongly believe that the unification of QR Code and print media is the ideal for the future of communication and advertising world. It is not meant to lead others from running away from print media, it’s supposed to make everything even more efficient.

With this marriage, advertisers and consumers need to realize that graphic communication and advertising just got better. QR code is not going to kill print industry, it’s going to make it bigger, better, more interactive – it’s become a two-way highway to effective advertising, marketing and promotion.

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One Response to QR Codes Will Not Kill The Print Industry, It Will Revive It

  1. christian joret March 22, 2011, 7:01 am

    How is it that qr code penetration is globally so different ?

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