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QR Codes Useful During Seminar and Talks


Imagine that you are in a large exhibition or a seminar and someone relatively interesting is speaking on stage. Right there, as you are listening to this person talk, your mind is wondering more about this person. If you have a leaflet in front of you that tells you more about the person who is speaking or the product that you are currently looking at, then fine. You’re up to speed. But if you don’t, two things might happen….your mind starts wandering off or out comes the smartphone and you start ‘investigating’ more about the person.

In the second scenario, wouldn’t the speaker or the organizer of the event gain more brownie points if they took the initiative to actually present the data or information to those attendees before the attendees’ starts wondering about who the speaker is? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to read the bio of the speaker before the speaker actually hit the stands? Chances are, it would be nice.

QR Code isn’t exactly rocket science. They are free to make, quite free to print and is very convenient to use. Considering the fact that more and more people are beginning to switch from their ‘flip to open’ conventional phone to ‘touch screen’ smartphones, using QR Code for promotional purposes is now absolutely practical. Some years back, in the United States, people may frown or wonder about what that ubiquitous bar code is all about, you see them everywhere these days….on ads, on commercials, in magazines, on street signs, in parks and even on product packaging.

Based on a research done at the end of 2011, it seems that there are more than 20 million smartphone users out there in the United States who have scanned a QR Code at least once in a three month span.

People are attracted to using QR Codes for speaking events, seminars and exhibitions because it is like putting ONE single business card up for everyone to see. One scan and the smartphone pulls out the bio or business card. The best thing is that the data can be automatically saved onto the smartphone which eliminates the need to manually insert and save the data once the QR Code is scanned. This saves the user and promoter loads of time and gives off a win-win effect.

What more, if the speaker has a fair number of videos posted online, you could actually link the QR Code up to the official Youtube channel (or other online video hosting sites, for that matter) so that those who are in attendance can subscribe to the channel and watch the videos later on when they are back home.

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