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QR Codes Used for Public Service: Two Recent Examples


Seoul, South Korea, is coming out with QR codes to help the city become friendlier to tourists.

Visitors to Seoul can now use their smartphones and scan the QR codes to get information about the city. For example, if the need to know what trains to take on the subway, they can get that information from the QR codes.

You have already heard about the Gangnam QR codes that we have reported about here. In Gangnam, eight faux marble stones have been placed all around the district to give people people access to different travel brochures, as well as information on the attractions in the area, including the COEX Mall.

The information is available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Now that the information for the Seoul Subway Travel Guide has been made online, these too are now accessible via QR codes. Tourists and residents cn now get more information about lines 1 to 8 of the subway. Hopefully, this information will help people use the subway system better.

In Spartansburg, QR codes are not just acting like tourist guides, but they are actually doing their share in ensuring public safety.

The Public Safety Department are using QR codes on patrol cars, fire vehicles, indeed all city vehicles, to give information about public safety. These QR codes are always going to appear on business cards from the department.

These QR codes take people to the department’s resources site, where they could learn more about public safety.

This is not the first time that the department has used QR codes. Their annual report had QR codes that led people to their Web site, Facebook page and Twitter account. It also included QR codes for the City, the police department, the fire and animal services.

The department hopes that this will bring them closer to the community, on top of being able to give out valuable information.

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