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QR Codes Unlock More Characters in Mario Tennis Open


Nintendo has just announced several special games mode in Mario Tennis Open last month. But it seems that the surprises for the upcoming game does not end there.

The soon to be released game will have unlockable characters, which you could get by scanning special QR codes or by playing the game.

Mario Tennis Open will be released on May 20. It will have the following special game modes:

Online mode: This mode will have monthly leaderboards and challenges will merit a player Victory Medals.

StreetPass mode: Lets a player play against or with computer and human players. This will also allow you to show off your Mii and get new items from other players.

Ink Showdown: Piranha Plants will be spitting ink balls. These ink balls must be destroyed or they will splatter. You have to do this while also warding off tennis balls from your opponent.

For the unlockable characters, there are now four confirmed characters that needs to be unlocked by scanning the QR code or through gameplay. BeQRious is not sure which characters are going to be made available through QR codes. Nintendo’s press release, however, reveals that some characters would be unlocked by playing the game while others are through the QR codes. Nintendo also revealed that three of these unlockable characters are Baby Mario, Dry Bowser and Luma.

BeQRious is excited to see this game. Once again, QR codes prove useful in making a game more example and more interesting. But QR codes are not only good for extending a game. Remember that one of the earliest uses of QR codes for entertainments are scavenger hunts, where QR codes are a part of the game itself, not just an extension. There are other ways to use QR codes for fun. Younger kids can easily learn how to read or spell by using QR codes on flash cards. You can even make storybooks and novels much more accessible by adding QR codes that link the story to actual videos, pictures and more information online.

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