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QR Codes Trace the Origins of the Fish You Eat


QR codes in restaurants are certainly nothing new. We have seen QR codes on business licenses and sanitation permits for the restaurant to be able to operate.

You see them on menus either telling customers how their food was prepared, offering specials of the day and even a video of the chef cooking the dish you have just ordered.

You could also see QR codes on napkins, tabletops and even the ill-advised QR coded straws.

Trackwell is helping restaurants prove that their fish and other seafood are safe, as well as where it was caught.

Trackwell already has a customer with Icelandic Fish Import. The company supplies fish directly to the top restaurants in the United Kingdom and Iceland. After catching, processing and packing the fish, all the information about that fish are recorded onto a logbook that is provided by Trackwell.

All of these information are placed behind a QR code.

Interested customers can then scan the QR codes and know for sure where their fish came from. Trackwell gives you all the information that it has on its logs and even supplies a map of the area where the fish was caught.

This will help restaurants assure their customers that they are getting exactly what they are paying for.

But this system can also be used for another purpose: product management. You can use Trackwell’s system to know for sure just how much money you are spending for the fishing expedition. The system can track how far the ship sails as well as its speed, the time it took to haul the fish, and other metrics that you need to keep track of. This way, you have a better view of your costs and could assign the right price for the fish that you sell.

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