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QR Codes To Phase Out Or Here To Stay


Some skeptics may have quite a bit of terrible things to say about QR Codes and while there may be some truth is in some of the stuff written online, there are, in my personal opinion, far more good things hidden in these black and white unassuming geek codes. A lot of things that we do are online these days, for instance, our work, documents, images, corporate profile, personal websites, online social networking sites, games and such….they are all almost completely online but please note that there remains to be SOME things that have their starts offline.

Example? How about seeing URL on a product packaging of something you want to buy? How about meeting up with someone new and getting his or her business card? How about being introduced to a new mechanic by an acquaintance? How about seeing an advertisement that contains a #hashtag and hitting Twitter to get the news? All of these things can hardly be replicated online.

The point is this….QR Codes have its roots offline. They are essentially a bridge between the offline and online world. If you see a QR Code on a product packaging and want to find out more about the product and brand, all you need to do is to whip out your smartphone and just scan it.

And we can’t deny the fact that there are more smartphone users now than ever before, all thanks to great competitors offering better options and prices to middle income US workers. According to some reports, 1 in 5 consumer who owns a smartphone says that they have and are actively scanning QR Codes to get information. This might not sound like much to but let’s look at it from a better angle, last year, less than 10 percent of the people interviewed in the United States claimed that they have a Twitter account and are using it actively. The percentage have significantly risen this year, obviously.

Some people continue to think that the QR Code ‘fad’ will phase out and while we are unsure about their predictions, here are some reasons why we hang on to the thought that they are here to stay. First of all, QR Codes are really no brainers. They are free to create, can be customized, free to scan and can lead to many great things. If you are scanning only QR Codes from reliable sources, it is hard to run into trouble when you are using them.

And the one thing that makes us think that the technology is here to stay is this…they’ve been around for more than a decade (although they never made its way out of Japan until recently), if they were to ‘phase out’, they would have phased out a long, long time ago.

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