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QR Codes To Dot The Direct Marketing Scene Next Year


If you have ever been involved in a direct marketing company, either on the selling or using end, you would know that sending physical letters via the post office is still the norm. With the occasional use of the internet, direct marketing companies continue to rely on more personal ways to engage their customers or associates.

What was lacking back then was a call-for-action. They got smart by offering prizes coupled with intelligently-written mailers but the response rate continued to be at dismal rates. The percentage of response was, however, good enough to see the direct mailing industry through so many decades.

With the introduction of QR Codes in the country, we sense that there is a quiet under-current buzz in the direct marketing industry. Something is burning – could it be the possibility of them making use of Quick Response code technology for their future endeavors? Can they be cooking up something behind closed doors?

Well, as far as we can see, the direct mailing industry, along with other print segment are all abuzz with the potential that QR Codes bring them. What appeared dead-pan in front of an interested person can now be made interactive. At the slightest bit of interest from such parties would result in a clcik/scan – the missing call-for-action.

Gone were the days whereby you had hire the best copywriters to churn out smart words to get people to check out a brand new line of shoes. Although copywriters are still needed for clever write-ups, there is less pressure to be creative. The QR Code has taken over.

The wonders of technology.

It is encouraging to see that compared to the beginning of this year (2010), we are seeing a 700% increase in the number of barcodes being scanned on an every day basis. That is an very encouraging number indeed…good news for fans of QR Codes (like us)!

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One Response to QR Codes To Dot The Direct Marketing Scene Next Year

  1. Brianna October 29, 2010, 11:30 am

    I work for a direct marketing company that works primarily for real estate agents. We have just started incorporating QR codes onto business cards and its awesome. We are looking for ways to use them in all of our mailing pieces. One thing we are trying to find is a QR code generator that can have a geographical location. Then when it gets scanned it will go directly to a maps application and give the reader directions to that place. Any suggestions?

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