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QR Codes Teach People How to Use Automotive Adhesives


LORD Corporation is now using QR codes. The company behind Fusor Automotive Repair Adhesives has added a QR code to its Fusor product packaging.

Scanning the QR code found on the product label, a Fusor customer can access videos on how to properly apply and use the adhesives via their mobile phones. So if you are not exactly sure how to repair bumpers, seal seams and other automotive repair, you can get help from the videos and do it properly.

Julie Miller, LORD Corporation’s market manager, says that their aim for incorporating the QR code was to help customers save time by eliminating the need to go to a computer to see the videos. The same videos are available on YouTube.

QR codes have long been used to enhance customer experience. Trackplus has made it possible for customers to use a QR code to ask sales reps a question. While waiting for an answer, they can play a simple game to keep from getting bored.

Others put up instructional videos that customers can view when they scan a QR code. For DIY furniture, this is a godsend for buyers. Instead of having to decipher the illustrations on an installation guide or manual, they can just scan the code and see a video of how to assemble the furniture. For the retailer, it shows people just how easy it really is to assemble the product.

And of course, various food companies have used QR codes to give out recipes and cooking demos to their customers.

More examples of how instructional videos accessed via a QR code could also help you with your branding. Mister Landscaper provided a step-by-step instructional video detailing how customers could assemble their Micro Sprinkler Beginner’s Kit. It showed that 82% of their customers scanned the QR code to learn more about the proper assembly steps. Fitness company WeightPlan put up QR codes on different machines found in their gyms. Say you see a QR code on a row machine, you just scan the code and you can see what exercises you could do with the machine and how to do these right. The same QR code can also be tied with your iPhone app, instantly logging your exercises when you scan it.

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