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QR Codes Take Off in India with Yebhi Virtual Stores


It seems that Japan and Korea are not the only countries in Asia where QR code technology has taken off. India has also welcomed these two-dimensional matrix barcodes with open arms.

Most recently, Yebhi.com, which is an online lifestyle and fashion portal based in India, has launched virtual stores across 30 outlets of Cafe Coffee Day in Bangalore and Delhi. And it is using QR codes and near-field communication technology to power up these virtual stores.

These virtual outlets feature images of Yebhi merchandise accompanied by QR codes and NFC stickers. Those who want to purchase a particular item from Yebhi.com just need to scan the code or tap on the NFC sticker with their smartphones. Of course, their smartphones or any other mobile devices need to be equipped with a QR code reader app or with NFC capability in order to use the virtual store.

Scanning a QR code or tapping on the NFC sticker takes a customer to a particular product page on Yebhi.com where he or she can complete the transaction with just a few more clicks.

According to Yebhi, customers who purchase items through these virtual stores will be given a Rs200 discount.

The presence of virtual stores like Yebhi goes to show that mobile commerce is continuously growing and gaining ground. More and more businesses – whether small, medium or large – are embarking on mobile marketing campaigns and more and more consumers are using mobile devices to purchase goods conveniently and effortlessly.

Yebhi’s use of both QR codes and NFC also proves all the more that these two technologies can exist side by side and can complement each other. It goes to show that, where QR codes and NFC are concerned, it will never be a one-or-the-other scenario. There is no rule against businesses using both to support their marketing campaigns.

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