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QR Codes Show Up on Rubbish Bins to Promote Recycling: Another WRONG QR Code Idea


QR codes have been showing up in all the strangest places. First, there were edible QR codes where QR codes became a literal icing on cakes, chocolates and other foodstuff. Then there are wearable QR codes with these little squares being printed on shirts, or woven into fabric, before becoming a fixture on dog tags and bracelets. Then we have those gigantic QR codes that you could supposedly scan in the air. QR codes soon found its way to the cemetery and were featured on tombstones.

QR codes are everywhere and now Westminster in London, UK, is placing these cute little codes on rubbish bins. Yes, that is right, QR codes are now on trash bins in the United Kingdom.

When scanned these QR codes allow residents to join a raffle by entering their e-mail address. This serves as their entry to the raffle where they could win a £20 voucher.

Westminster hopes to eliminate more than 25,000 tons of litter every year with the help of these garbage bins and QR codes. That will save them £1 million. Much of the garbage we have is recyclable but only a fraction of that is recycled.

However, that is it. BeQRious thinks that there is a slight disconnect here. Maybe something is lost in translation. However, we wonder what else is given to the person who scans the QR code? Information on what materials may be recycled? It seems that the people behind the QR codes are just hoping that people would put their wastes in the proper bin.

Are they given some sort of welcome letter when they sign up with their e-mail address?

There are a lot of things that the city council could have done to make the giveaway a better campaign. Right now, they do not even know if the people who enter their draw is actually recycling, or just passing through!

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