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QR Codes Show up on Medical Bracelets Anew


QR codes are the perfect way to store medical information for somebody who is living with certain conditions. For one, it is very small making it very inconspicuous. For another, it can give an emergency rescue worker or a doctor all the information they need to know what medications to give you should something happens and you are knocked unconscious.

And because QR codes are not readable by the human eye, they offer the patient a great deal of privacy.

This is the reason why there are now a lot of services that offer wearables that have QR codes on them that leads people to more information about a person’s medical conditions, allergies and medical history.

A new medical bracelet follows the same concept. myID bracelets cost around $40. The bracelets have QR codes behind them that a doctor or emergency professional can scan. It will take them to the cloud where your profile is stored, along with your medical history and data. What’s more, you could include your vital statistics, insurance information and emergency contacts in your profile. What’s more, you could easily change any entry just by logging into your profile and making the necessary revisions.

The new medical bracelet comes from ENDEVR. The company’s Josh Taylor says that on top of the QR code, there is also a phone number that they could call, just in case the QR code is not scannable for whatever reason.

We think that services such as this one is great. But there should be efforts to make sure that emergency personnel and doctors are informed what these bracelets with the funny black and white squares are. What’s more, these professionals should also be instructed to bring a smartphone with them so that they could scan the codes in case they find them on a patient.

Also, there should be options. In emergencies, a couple of seconds could be very crucial in saving somebody’s life. How about putting an NFC chip as well? This will save the emergency professionals a lot of steps and a few seconds!

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