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QR Codes Show Up on Manhole Covers in Japan


QR codes have been widely used in Japan for how many years now. In fact, they have been popular in the Asian country years before they even came out in the United States.

As we have experienced here, the Japanese have also seen QR codes on just about everything. These QR codes have also been used for every purpose imaginable. And now these QR codes have shown up on Japanese manhole covers as well.

But first, you have to understand that the Japanese treat their manhole covers seriously. They adorn these with illustrations and art. These manhole covers are designed to standout. Some manhole covers depict cartoon characters, Japanese icons, cherry blossoms, even Mount Fuji. If you want to see a whole range of designs for various manhole covers in Japan, check out this Flicker pool called Japanese Manhole Covers.

The city of Takamatsu located in Shikoku Island in the country has placed QR codes on its manhole covers. The new designs are a project of the city’s water and sewer commission.

The new designs were the work of high school students in the area who were part of a competition. The commission then selected the winning designs and put these on the city’s manhole covers with a QR code.

The QR codes take people to a Web site where they could learn more about the city, as well as what attractions to see and visit and what events are scheduled in the area.

We just hope that these manhole covers are safe to scan. There are already a lot of QR codes showing up on sidewalks that provide more information about the city or the place where these are found. But if you have to cross the road or step off the curb to scan the QR code, that might not be a good idea. Nevertheless, it is a great way to beautify something that has so far been neglected.

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