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QR Codes Show Up in UK School


While some schools are frowning on students bringing their own smartphones to school premises, Darlington School of Mathematics is encouraging youngsters to use their smartphones. This is probably the first time that a school in the United Kingdom is allowing the use of smartphones inside the classroom, instead of confiscating them.

The School has put up QR codes that students can scan to be taken to the Code Bank. The Code Bank is where they can learn more about their lessons by solving puzzles and answering questions. It is a more interactive and fun way to learn outside of the classroom.

What’s more, the school is hoping that this project will help its students become more comfortable with computers, smartphones, and technology in general.

Steve Parr, Darlington School of Mathematics’ assistant head teacher, says that people should not think that mobile phones are a “pest,” rather they should see them as an extremely powerful medium.

Parr also says that they are putting a premium on teaching the kids to access information instead of just remembering it.

Head teacher Calvin Kipling, on the other hand, notes that the Code Bank helps engage students in an innovative way so that they can use “higher level thought processes” by making them comfortable with using and accessing technology.

The Code Bank is especially designed for Darlington School of Mathematics and it is the only school in the country that uses the system.

The QR codes provide an easy way for the students to access the Code Bank, where they will need to be resourceful to answer the questions. For example, students could get a science question and they can research the answer on the Internet.

The students can only access the Code Bank before or after classes.

This is not the first time that QR codes are being used in the classroom. We just hope that more and more schools adapt innovative ways such as the Code Bank to make their lessons even more interesting.

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