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QR Codes Share Interesting information about Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners


Question. Who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1944?

The answer. We do not know either, so why don’t we scan a QR code to find out?

Vasco D.B. Bonifacio, a faculty at the chemistry department at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, is using QR codes to make chemistry and the Nobel Prize more fun for students.

Bonifacio created QR codes that directed people to relevant pages on the Nobel Prize Web site.

The QR codes are arranged on a poster and made to look like the periodic table of elements. Arranged chronologically, the QR codes were also color coded with each color representing a branch of chemistry in which the chemist was associated with. For example:

  • Pink represents nuclear and inorganic chemistry
  • Blue for biochemistry
  • Green for organic chemistry
  • Orange for physical chemistry.

The poster may be enlarged so that the entire class can scan the QR codes at the same time as a group. Alternatively, teachers can just print individual QR codes to highlight the chemists.

We think that this is a great way to introduce the Nobel Prize in Chemistry awards to students, as well as introduce them to the best chemists of our time. Not only that, the poster will help your students have fun. They can get a lot of information about a particular chemist, which includes texts, pictures and other forms of content. In short, it makes the awardees come to life for your students, instead of just a list of names and facts, your students are treated to a multi-media experience that would make learning fun and well, “with it”.

The effort also reminds us of an earlier use for QR codes in chemistry. This time, QR codes were used in the periodic table of elements, and it took students who scanned it to more information about that particular element, including its Wikipedia entry, photos and other information.

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