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QR Codes Redefined Shopping in 2012


Critics against QR codes are saying that QR codes are not going to leave an impression. They say that it is on the way out. They say that there will be other simpler technologies that will be eclipsing QR codes and it will happen soon.

But whether they admit to it or not, they know that QR codes did make a difference in 2012. One area that it made a very big impact in is shopping.

We do not know about you, but the biggest thing we hate about shopping is having to lug around all those bags. So much so that you start feeling like a walking advertisement stand. Or for those really big purchases, you would need to carry it with you all the way to your car or all around the mall if you are not ready to go home yet. Imagine buying a printer or something heavier and then having to lug that around with you.

QR codes have made shopping very accessible and very convenient for everyone. As one can see with virtual stores, you can do the groceries while waiting for the bus or the train to arrive. You can have your purchases delivered right to your doorstep. You can even simplify the whole process by just snapping QR codes of everything you want to buy.

With some coffee shops and restaurants, QR codes are not just helping you when it comes to paying, you can also order the food or coffee you want. Sometimes, you do not even have to be there when you order. You can arrive around 15 minutes later when your coffee or food is ready and go straight ahead to eating. No waiting, no lines.

For some toy stores, offering QR codes during the holiday season was a godsend to them. Parents could just scan the QR codes next to the toys they want to buy and pay for it. The toys arrive at their doorstep, already gift-wrapped.

They could do their holiday shopping even with the kids in tow!

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