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QR Codes QReeps Up On Korea


Despite having very different views on the entertainment, political and social front, Koreans are finally adopting Japanese-based technology called the QR Codes. This adoption could be due to the high number of Koreans changing their conventional hand phones to smart phones (like Blackberry and iPhone). They have finally seen the light – that QR Codes can readily give them the connection with their customers that they are consistently looking for.

Major Korean retailers are found quickly offering up a storm of website URL links and also mobile applications to customers who owned smart phones.

At the point of writing this post, it was reported that more than forty-two percent of Koreans owned smart phones now. That is a dramatic increase from last year. This is a breakthrough for retailers too because it opens up a new marketing avenue with which they can get in touch with and engage with their potential customers.

Hyundai Department stores are big in Korea, one of the largest chains, if we are not mistaken. The communication team created a mobile website and are expecting an increase in the number of people who access the site and purchase things right from their smart phones.

The website aims to keep their customers informed about the latest events, shops, latest news and also downloadable coupons. Instead of having to physically possess or print out the coupons (both of which they might lose or forget to bring along), customers can log into their website and download a QR Code coupon into their phone. At the counter, all they need to do is to let the cashier scan the QR Code – and viola! A discount!

Loyal customers who does not have the time to drive to the mall to shop can go online at Hmall.com where customers can shop using the mobile phone, QR Code and also credit card. However, it was reported that online shopping via the mobile website can only be done with the department store’s own credit card.

While Hyundai is adopting QR Codes, its biggest competitors, namely Lotte and Akmall are also prepping themselves up for some snazzy tech-driven competition too.

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