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QR Codes Promote Reading in Catalonia, Spain

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Quick response codes have long gone global, and country-specific s news about QR code campaigns are not really such a big deal anymore. Nevertheless, we still love sharing with you stories about the various QR code marketing initiatives or promotions that other countries and other regions embark on. This time, our stop is Catalonia, Spain.

These two-dimensional matrix barcodes can be seen in trains throughout the Spanish region of Catalonia. Commuters who have a smartphone equipped with a QR code reader app can scan these codes and get free access to printed works and literature. These codes were put up by publishing company Random House in partnership with the Catalan Government Railway, with the aim of promoting the National Reading Plan of the Spanish Department of Culture.

The program encourages Spanish citizens to read, and therefore provides them access to literature via QR codes. More specifically, scanners are taken to a website where they can choose from a selection of free publication or books. Random House currently has a 20-book selection for train travelers, including self-help books, books on sleep disturbances, political commentaries, and others that cover various other genres, like fantasy and mystery. The books can be downloaded instantly or obtained as a physical product that’s delivered right to your Catalonia home.

QR codes are actually a common marketing and information distribution tool in the country. However, Spanish consumers are not very familiar with them, so adoption isn’t as great as expected. And, just as it is the case in other countries, consumer interaction is at its highest only when consumers get something that benefits them, such as a discount or a free product. So this is what makes the Random House QR codes on Catalonia trains special. They were placed there to take advantage of this kind of consumer mindset.

Random House vows continued support for the National Reading Plan, even in the future. The company believes that joining together the QR trend and the people’s desire for benefits will make the campaign effective.

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