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QR Codes Promote Accurate Gas Pumps


All gas stations in Texas are now required to place QR Code stickers on their gas pumps as a measure against cheating. Putting on this gas pump decal is a new and mandatory directive from the the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The code leads scanners to http://www.TexasAgriculture.gov/fuel, where they can file online complaints in case they suspect that the gas pumps are given them less gallons than the pumps register. They can also complain about a station’s expired registration. Through this new QR code program, smartphone users can as well view the location’s inspection history.

State Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples say that gas stations found guilty of cheating their customers will have to face higher fines. Specifically, the penalty for inaccurate gas pumps will increase from $100 to $250.

All Texas fueling stations are now required to display these QR code stickers or decals on the pumps. This would encourage users to be their own inspectors and to protect themselves against rogue stations.

According to the TDA, it will first analyze consumer use and feedback from the various stations, and from here, it will decide if the program is worth expanding statewide. The TDA routinely does calibration tests, and the program is just its way of stepping up law enforcement through the use of technology.

Staples said that, all fueling stations in Texas have already been notified about this mandatory QR code stickers.

This move by the TDA is one great example of using new technology to empower consumers to protect themselves and be the department’s eyes and ears. This is also a great way to keep an eye on businesses and to constantly remind them that there’s never a room for cheating.

We can only hope that all states follow Texas’ example and apply QR code technology to encourage both gas stations ad motorists to always check out for accurate fuel measurements.

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