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Talk about creatively using QR codes!

QR codes are just about everywhere. But how about using QR codes to actually set yourself apart from the rest?

This is what Boris Dlugosch, a music producer in Germany, did.

Dlugosch wanted to promote his own brand of house music to different advertisers and set to work with OgilvyAction to achieve that goal. Now, you know that these music professionals tend to get a lot of samples from all parts of the country. Each day, a dozen tapes, USB sticks, MP3 players and CDs arrive at their inboxes. It would be lucky if they pick out your music from the pile. Most of the time, these go straight to the trash bin.

So, how will you ensure that they will listen to your sample?

Do what Dlugosch’s record label, Konto, did.

He and OgilvyAction came up with a vinyl record, which they then mailed out to creative directors all over the country.

The vinyl is enough to attract attention, especially nowadays when it is difficult to find a phonograph to play a vinyl record. It is also much bigger than a CD or a USB stick, ensuring that it will call their attention to it.

But that’s not all. The campaign also put the intriguing words “Back to Vinyl” in bold print, making sure to pique the interest of recipients.

Now how do they actually listen to the vinyl record? Easy! They can use the envelope for that.

Wait, what?

Let us explain: On the envelope, you have a QR code that you can scan. It will download the “Back to Vinyl” app onto your phone and you can hold your phone over the vinyl record and listen to it.

Did it succeed? Yes, according to Konto, the record label behind Dlugosch. More than 7 out of every 10 creative directors scanned the QR codes, activating around 640 QR codes out of the 900 they have sent out. Close to 4 out of every 10 followed the link to the Kontor online store.

But most importantly, they were able to get some great feedback from the music industry’s best and most influential professionals.

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