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QR Codes On UK’s Yellow Pages

Well, technically, it isn’t quite a glitch. It’s what we would call a testing ground because for now, people can use the special QR Code scanners in their mobile phones, scan the QR Code and get access to….movies being shown and also the weather.

Despite the potential of QR Codes, the company is yet to fully embrace it because the QR Codes are printed only on the Edinburgh and Cardiff version of the Yellow Pages. Are the locals there ready to get into the groove of things? In their press release, it was stated that the company is using this as a test. We’re assuming that this because they’re not sure how receptive people are going to be about using this new technology. Hence, they’re rolling things off with the movies and weather since just about everyone wants to know what’s going on there. We’re wondering here why isn’t it the NEWS or something more significant. But that’s for us to say, and instead, something for the company to work out.

We would like to imagine the QR Code appearing in something easier to access, like a daily newspaper or an email whereby one scan saves us a lot of time. However, we’re not saying that the test-drive effort is wrong – it’s correct but contains some minor flaws because whatever results that they’re going to obtain from this test-drive, it would be practically worthless because of the limited usage and coverage.

Essentially, what would work better is for the company to test-drive something along the lines of a ‘recently added’ companies or ‘featured advertisements’ or ‘top search results’ for ‘bakery in Cardiff’ or ‘plumber’….well, you get the idea. The main purpose for using the Yellow Pages is to find contact details to a company or person that we’re looking for. The QR Codes should be placed with this in mind.

Anyway, in a couple of years time, many companies and advertisers WILL be placing QR Codes in these offline directories that can lead potential customers to their online sites or WAP pages, so, Yell should consider testing it out instead.

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