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QR Codes on Tombstones: Redux

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Nobody is quite comfortable thinking about their own deaths. Instead of leaving it up to your family to decide just how people would remember you, why not decide on your own and make plans for the content to be placed behind a tombstone QR code. Even Facebook has an app that allows you to send a message to your friends in the event that you die. Why not record a video for everyone to see and put that behind a QR code that people could find on your tombstone?

QR codes appearing on tombstones are nothing new. BeQRious has reported about QR coded memorials before, such as here and here.

We have even reported on Shoreline’s Holyrood Cemetery’s decision to include QR code printing on tombstones as part of its services, having sold three dozen QR coded tombstone early on.

Our sister site, Custom QR Codes, also mentioned Quiring Monuments in a story. Quiring Monuments produces headstones that come with laser copper stickers bearing QR codes for use on tombs. We have learned that the company has since tried out other technologies similar to QR codes, but so far, people are more comfortable with QR codes than the rest of their offerings.

Now Allen Monument Company, a tombstone seller out in Crawfordville, Indiana, is capitalizing on QR codes to help the departed make everlasting memories.

The family of the deceased can now opt for a QR code which they can use in a variety of ways. They can have the QR code lead people to an online profile or a memorial website dedicated to the deceased. The site, or the QR code, could also host photographs, biographies, videos and other information that the family would like to make public.

The QR codes could also be used to make it easier for people to share their own memories and stories about the deceased. Furthermore, it could help them send an SMS message to the family.

Allen Monument Company happily reports that the interest is there, allowing them to sell a few pieces every day.

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