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QR Codes On Tombstones, For Real


When it happened in Japan, many people took it as a big, giant joke. A QR Code? On a tombstone? You’re kidding me!

But now, it is happening here, right now, as more QR Codes pop up everywhere. On posters, beer cans, kids’ drinks, album covers, magazines and TV commercials…if you are in one of our country’s concrete jungle, you can hardly miss it. ‘I see them everywhere I turn and although I’ve only scanned a QR Code once, I suppose judging by the fact that they are everywhere it must mean that it is getting quite popular,’ Joan, a New Yorker says.

You bet it is.

Authorities have been pumping things up a couple of notches last year and we are seeing this even more this year, by placing QR Codes on historical site. Walk past a museum, scan the QR Code and there you go, all the information in the world about the site right there on your smart phone. One could argue that you need internet access to access the QR Code. True. But IT companies have been reporting a rising number of people having unlimited Wifi plans so, I don’t see a very big problem here. And besides, in their bid to attract more people and make their customers happy, popular cafes and retail outlets are offering free internet access for smart phones already.

Despite knowing the fact that QR Code have move past the ‘fad’ stage and is slowly gaining ground as mainstream media, I was a little surprised with the QR Code on headstone move. But it is what it is, said QR Memorials.

Sometimes we go to funerals of people we hardly know, trying to pretend that we know them real well….does that happen to you too? Sure happens to me a lot. So, assuming that I am right there and I want to get REAL GOOD at pretending to know the person, I could sneak up to the QR Code, scan it and get information about this person’s life. It is a fabulous way to get to know family distant relatives and cousins you only meet once a year during Christmas.

And of course, there ARE drawbacks about using QR Code on tombstones…there are many but you see, even if QR Code fazes out, I sincerely think that it will never be taken over. Like mobile phones, they change, they get better but they continue to maintain its main function, which is to let people communicate with each.

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One Response to QR Codes On Tombstones, For Real

  1. Craig Baldwin March 2, 2012, 7:07 am

    This is the greatest idea around. I was thinking of putting a bit.ly link on my own tombstone, personally, linking to my blog as a memory of who I was. But a QR code …. hm ……..

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