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QR Codes On Stickers Of New Cars In Showroom In The US By 2012


Just saw this news in a blog and had to just go WOW! This is awesome although it has yet to come to fruition. But knowing that the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is current reviewing ways to help consumers make better decisions with QR Code implementation is enough to get us excited over here.

According to the news the U.S. Department of Transportation or DOT, together with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, is discussing on ensuring that stickers are stuck to new cars being placed on new cars in showrooms so that consumers can compare and make better decisions based on their own driving habits and personal preferences and convictions regarding protecting the environment.

The plan is also in its infancy stage, with DOT and EPA both saying that the implementation would probably be around 2012, if everything goes as planned.

A full 60-day forum or public consultation period organized by EPA and DOT is currently on-going.

What you get when you scan the QR Codes on the sticker is a whole lot of information like gallons of petrol used for every mile, how much you would paying every year for gas, how environmentally-friendly is the said vehicle when compared to other vehicles in the market, etc. There is also a grading system which grades the vehicle on eco-friendliness and fuel economy.

This way, when out shopping for cars, you can base your decisions on your preference. Are you an environmentally-friendly person? Would you rather purchase a car that helps you save money? Do you drive out often? Is the price or the efficiency of the car more important to you?

Isn’t this the kind of information we wish to have when shopping for cars? And we have had to rely on the unreliable (and most of time, biased) information that car salesmen give you. So, instead of relying on the car salesmen for information, the said info is now right there…on the palm of your hand.

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