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QR Codes on Rooftops: Now Trending?


We’ve recently talked about a giant QR code installed on the rooftop of the Southern Resources building in Charlotte, NC’s NoDa district in a bid to make it to the Guinness World Records.

But it seems that this rooftop code is not an entirely unique idea. In fact, it seems that QR codes on the rooftops of buildings may just be the new trend in QR code application.

This is apparent when Phillips & Co. made it known that it is planning to put up quick response codes on rooftops in an effort to infiltrate Google Maps. Sneaking into Google Maps, as many internet marketers already know, is a good way to get free advertising on Google. 

The Austin-based management consulting firm’s new proposition, known as Blue Marble, offers businesses, schools, and cities marketing services through “space-accessible profile.” Blue Marble aims to help businesses transform their rooftops into what is known as space-accessible billboards by putting up dynamic QR codes into the physical site.

Not only will the codes attract the attention of planes passing by the Texas skyline, but taking a satellite image of the code from space actually makes it accessible in top navigation applications such as Google Maps and Google Earth.

Phillips explains that Google Earth app has been downloaded millions of times and that by integrating the codes into a company’s space-accessible profile, scanners will be able to get access to dynamic marketing videos, programs, coupons and other content while they view the exact geographical location. The codes would also make it in Google Maps.

QR codes on rooftops sure provide business owners an innovative and efficient way to connect to their customers. And it is great that people are now seeing rooftops as a great platform for a dynamic marketing tool. Not to mention its ability to lessen the “congestion” of billboards along highways.

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