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QR Codes on Product Packaging


Farmers on Film promotes the use of QR codes on cheese product packaging.

Farmers on Film sponsored a competition at the International Nantwich Cheese Show that searched for the best use of QR codes in disseminating how farmers work and how they contribute to society.

The main goal is for consumers to scan the QR codes and be directed to short video clips that show where the cheese comes from as well as the dairy farmers who make it.

This is definitely not the first time we have seen QR codes on food. In recent months, we have seen QR codes appearing on sushi. Such as the ones that appear on Harney Sushi’s food.

Harney Sushi’s executive chef, Rob Ruiz, came up with edible QR codes that he plans to put on every sushi plate inside the restaurant. The QR codes will tell the diners where the fish came from and assure them that no fish fraud is happening at their restaurant.

The QR codes, printed on rice paper using water-based edible ink, will take scanners to more information about where the fish was caught, along with other information, including even the faces of the fishermen who caught the fish.

This is a great way to battle fish fraud, which is very rampant in Southern California. According to a recent Oceana study, more than half of the seafood sold in the area are mislabeled. Some fishes are substituted with those species that are listed in the Do Not Eat list prepared by the FDA. While others are saying that they sell wild fish when in fact these are farmed fish that should be less expensive.

With these QR codes, Ruiz is hoping that their customers would be more vigilant about where their fish are sourced and hopefully they will demand the same information from other establishments as well.

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