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QR Codes on Daimler Cars Could Save Lives


Sometimes, it is not the fault of medical personnels when patients do not receive immediate proper care during emergency situations like traffic accidents. Admittedly, instances of road fatalities is high everywhere in the world but it was during a recent study that it was revealed that one of the main reasons why some casualties receive later-than-normal care from medical staff is because of delay in information or the inability to find immediate retrieving crucial information about the patients. The medical industry is a delicate one where doctors have to toe a whole world of lines while trying their level best to save the lives of patients at the same time.

German car manufacturer, Daimler, intends to raise the bar with the cars that they manufacturer by the inclusion of QR codes on the cars’ dashboards and various other places. It was reported that the black and white codes will help rescue workers access instant information at those crucial moments. This could potentially save the lives of those involved in those unfortunate incidents.

Coincidentally, QR Codes were first invented by Toyota’s subsidiary, Denso Wave, back in 1994. For those who are unfamiliar with the history of the code, despite the fact that it was invented more than a decade ago for the car manufacturing industry, the technology never made its way out of Japan until recently. It is only with the development of internet, smartphone and IT technology that QR Code found its footing in many other parts of the world. And it is no longer merely used to identify cars and car parts, consumers across industries are adopting it very rapidly.

The technology is pretty similar to the conventional 2D barcode that we are using in packaging and product boxes right now but the potential is much bigger than we have ever imagined it to possess.

Coming back to QR Codes on Daimler cars, when the QR Codes are scanned, smartphone users (i.e., case in point would be rescue workers) can pull out information on how to release and rescue trapped car users. Important specific data related to the cars’ batteries, cables, and sensors that will help emergency teams tremendously when trying to remove injured passengers from the vehicle.

Some might argue that this new introduction is no ‘improvement’ on the current German law that requires car owners to keep pertinent vehicle information in the car at all times for the same reason. Daimler, therefore, is going one step ahead by including the QR Code in various places on the car, including one on the inside of the cars’ petrol cap flap.

We are sure that with the QR Code located outside of the car it will, indeed, prove to a smart move, in the end.

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