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QR Codes on Amazon and Graffiti Codes


Now Available on AWS: QR Codes Management Made Easy

If you are a user of Amazon Web Services then you will love the APIs that are available there. If you have always wanted to use QR codes with your site, there is an API we would recommend for that.

The AWS allows you to use the AzonMobile QR Code API. The API helps you make it easy to generate, manage, track and measure QR codes. It allows you to create custom QR codes, as well as allow you to manage your QR code campaigns.

The API is compatible with XML formatted HTTP Post calls. It returns XML responses.

Graffiti That Functions Very Much Like a QR Code

We all know how useful, easy to use, easy to track and measure QR codes are. In fact, QR codes could really help make your campaigns a success if you just plan for it.

This is the reason why, over the years, there has been a lot of copycats that are trying to copy QR codes. We have seen these tags, codes and similar technologies come and go. None of them has really made the same impact like QR codes.

The latest wannabe is called the Graffiti Codes. Graffiti codes make use of your phone’s accelerometer to “read” the codes and unlock the information. So what you do is to trace the paths on a graffiti code with your phone and you will be able to unlock the content behind the codes.

The benefit is that you can easily create a graffiti code using only a pen or a marker. The bad thing is, good luck trying to explain to people how to unlock the codes.

Developed by Andrew Lippman and Jeremy Rubin at MIT Media Lab’s Viral Spaces, graffiti codes are positioned as an alternative to QR codes.

We are not buying it.

For one, it only makes the process much more difficult. With a QR code, you just install a scanner app and snap the QR code. You do not have to trace anything. For another, it is not as easily generated as a QR code.

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