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QR Codes Offer One Way of Ordering at Cashless Sandwich Joint


In a way, San Francisco is unique in that there are a lot of restaurants in town who do not have a credit card machine in their joints. Yes, a lot of these restaurants only accept cash.

So how do you differentiate yourself from other food joints in the area? Insist that your customers pay with credit cards, debit cards or even Google’s Wallet service!

This is what a new sandwich joint called Split Bread is doing in their Metreon shopping center. What’s more, they have made ordering even easier. Customers can order their sandwiches online and pay with a credit card or debit card. Meanwhile, you can go to their shop directly, scan a QR code and order without having to wait in line. The QR code will take you to their website where you can view their selections, order and pay. All that without having to download and install anything.

Of course, you can also order at the counter where they have set up a menu.

Why Avoid Cash?

The owners are literally avoiding cash. In several interviews, David Silverglide, the restaurant’s owner says that they have several reasons for avoiding cash. For one, it makes for a very efficient operation as people can just pay with their mobile phones. It also helps lower the security risks in their restaurant, because they do not have cash anywhere, there are less likely to be robbed. Lastly, they want avoid filthy cash to make sure that their cashier’s hands are clean when touching food.

It is unclear, however, if they are going to use QR codes to accept payments from Paypal and other services as well. But still, offering different ways to order so that you do not even have to be in the restaurant or talk to a human server, is a great way to make sure that service in your restaurant is fast and efficient.

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