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QR Codes: Making Advertising Work


Everyday, you are bombarded with posters, flyers, brochures, and other marketing and sales materials from different companies.  

The Media Awareness Network estimates that the average North American sees about 3,000 ads in a single day.  In a January 15, 2007 article, Louise Story at the New York Times complained that every inch of space in any city is filled with advertisements.  Story writes that advertisers seem to be filling all the blank spaces, with supermarket eggs bearing names of CBS TV shows, while turnstiles in the subways bear Geico messages.  Even barf bags on US Airways planes are getting advertisements.

Ad clutter is a big problem for marketers.  If you are a business owner who wants to ensure maximum exposure AND recognition for your marketing materials, then you should find ways to make your advertisements more interesting. 

This is where QR codes help.  These ubiquitous square codes can elicit attention because it sort of stands out.  For those who have not encountered a QR code yet, you can bet on the novelty of seeing one on your ads to get them to take notice.  

On the other hand, early adopters would be able to recognize your code and take note of it, even if they do not scan it.

But more than that, a QR code can help you extend your advertising space, giving you more room for creativity.  With a limited space, you are forced to think about your product’s benefits and cram it into a small space, which might work to sell your product if you could get your customers to take notice of it.

With a QR code, you have more room for eye-catching images or a catchy slogan to help get their attention, then close the sale by using the QR code to direct them to a mobile site, a video and any other page that could help you sell.

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