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QR Codes Is All About Information On The Go


The world that we live in today, it’s all about mobility. But that’s not all…we’re taking mobility to the max and using it as a marketing channel for almost everything. Japan’s got a headstart by using QR Codes for literally everything related to marketing or personalizing products or services (or websites and blogs). For those who think the mobile phone is merely a convenience, they are severely limiting the possibilities of reaching their target market.

The simplicity of the QR code concept is astounding…those black and white boxes may not mean anything to mere passer-bys, but for those who are in the know of things, the QR Code is a direct link between the real world and the cyber one. One click is all it takes to lead potential customers or interested parties into a whole new world of information.

While QR Code usage is utilized to its maximum capacity in Japan, we’re seeing a positive hint of a hit in the U.S. Compared to the conventional barcode system (the one you find on literally all kinds of products and the code during checkout), the QR code can contain much more information and allows for a far greater amount of storage. Now, with the slight hint of introduction into the U.S., we’re seeing more brands using it for their marketing purposes. QR Codes, although not yet a norm, can be found in billboards, posters, leaflets, newspapers and magazines.

In UK, Harrods, the largest chain of malls, runs print advertisements with QR Codes on them so that they can fully utilize the benefits of online and offline marketing. We’re really talking about impulse shopping that these companies are targeting. You see the advert, scan the QR Code which will lead you to a mobile web page where instant purchasing can be done. Ralph Lauren have also started using QR Codes which throws interested or curious mobile phone users into their online shopping website. In fact, there are many more consumer brands who are beginning to open up to the idea.

In fact, one fine day, U.S. will be pretty much like Japan where QR Codes can be found of foodstuff like pineapples, oranges, pumpkin, bananas, etc. When the QR Code is scanned, it tells the mobile phone user everything about the fruit or vegetables.

We’re looking forward to that day, aren’t we?

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